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Big Juicey Extra Strength

Big Juicey Extra Strength

This product will manifest your dreams into actions. Making everything you wish for come true while utilizing this product. This product was inspired by Juicy-Biggie as our push to start distribution to the homes of those who want to begin a Hairthy journey. Our first product.***Please use on fresh washed and cleaned scalp for best results!

***Product is very ideal for those just starting the journey to hairthy hair. It will promote a boost in hair growth with our top ingredients below.

Ingredients- 4oz

.Coconut Oil
.Sunflower Seed 
.Rice Bran Oil 
.Tea Trea
.Ricinus Communis 
.Hemp (Cannabis sativa seed oil)
.Canola oil
.Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil
.Leaf Oil
.Argania Sipinosa
.Bhringraj essential oil
.Kernel Oil
.Apricot Kernel
.Argania Apinosa Kernel Oil 
.Moroccan Oil

**uplifts mood, curbs cravings & strengthens hair and ENERGIZE your MIND & BODY**

*** Has absorbing abilities which protects premature graying hair and splits end. It also helps with getting rid of spilt ends. With using this oil it will help in treating baldness if used regularly. 

Dream beyond the odd with your tresses. Your gold faith of blessings are located in your bottle to ensure your manifestation beads are blessed until it reaches your home. This is our added bonus to spriritually connect to our Hairthy Babes!

Please leave reviews so that we can bring better quality to your hair journey.

***Free of Gluten, Parabens, SLS and Petroleum; Non-GMO; Vegetarian and Vegan; No animal testing Gluten-Free; No SulphateNo Synthetic Reference; No Hidden Ingredients; Non-GMO; Oil Tested for Purity; and Excellent Toner***

**Hot Oil Treatment**

Use warm oil to get rid of dandruff and leave it overnight.
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